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  • Claire Mauro

    I first encountered Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo at the Woods Hole Film Festival during the time I was working on my master’s project, an exhibition blending the art and social history of a Japanese artist, Kumi Korf. A student of Cultural Production at Brandeis University, the film immediately impressed me as a capsule vision of many intertwined dimensions of culture, including environment, economics, visual and literary arts, and technology. Additionally, I was impressed by the multi-generational aspects to the narrative and the film inspired my visual conception of the multi-generational history of the exhibition, including a sound art component.

    Subsequently I created a model program for a museum education course and included a showing of the film as outreach to middle school students, to coincide with an exhibit of ancient and modern Japanese artist’s books. Later in the spring of 2010 I noted the Museum of Fine Arts Boston screened Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo in conjunction with an exhibition of Japanese tattoo art.

    The many overlapping concepts within the film are a rich source of discussions tailored to appeal to a variety of audiences. The result will be a greater personal awareness and connection to the natural world and our interdependence as a society.

  • Amber Tripodi

    Although our home department, Entomology, made up the largest cohort, there were some folks from Biology, History, Graphic Design, Journalism and Physics as well. Everyone liked it quite a bit, and coming in with such an odd assortment of interests, everyone took home something different from it. The audience was completely captivated during the showing and complementary and chatty afterward. It is a beautiful and very special film – trusting the audience to see, hear and absorb not just the narrative, the excellent cinematography and the great soundtrack, but to experience the sense of the film in an internal and personal way.

    Department of Entomology
    University of Arkansas

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