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  • Insecta-Palooza, the annual benefit for Sonoma State University’s Entomology Outreach Program, drew its inspiration this year from Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo. And what a rich theme it provided! Insecta-Palooza had a thread of Japanese culture running through the fabric of the event. The visual haiku sprinkled throughout the film triggered our first idea – children under 12 gained free admittance if they brought an insect haiku. English Department students facilitated a workshop at the event for those who came without, and rows of delightful insect haiku were decorating the hallways soon after the doors opened. Exhibits included Japanese art depicting plant/insect interactions and a large silk-making display; Taiko drum and sanshin performances added a musical element. The Math Club sponsored an Insect Origami workshop, where participants created an insect from folded paper. The international Japanese students on campus hosted a popular Japanese Culture table, where attendees had their names written in Japanese.
    More subtly, Beetle Queen was a model for our approach in planning the entire event. Our outreach program seeks to increase appreciation for insects, and even when the theme wasn’t overt, the Japanese passion for the insect world was reflected throughout the event in labs, talks, workshops and exhibits. Long after this year’s event has passed, the Japanese reverence of the insect world will continue to resonate with the mission of the Entomology Outreach Program to foster watershed stewardship and ecologically responsible insect management.

  • We displayed a box of pinned insects from the Entomology collection including a pair of Japanese Rhinoceros beetles, various stag beetles and a luna moth (a North American species, closely related to the Japanese months that appeared in the film) so the audience had a chance to take a closer look at the real insect specimens.

    Among the audience there were a handful of people who were either Japanese or who understand Japanese, including a government representative from the Consulate General of Japan at Denver. She highly praised it and thanked us for bringing Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo to the CU Museum.

    Finally, thank you to Director Jessica Oreck for Skyping with us from Lapland at such an early time in the morning. I hear this was one of the first time the Museum has experimented with Skype interactions during public events we hosted, and we were all really happy with how the technology worked out to enhance the audience experience.

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