Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo
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Produced, Written and Directed by
Jessica Oreck

Co-Produced by
Maiko Endo

Co-Produced by
Akito Kawahara

Camera by
Sean Price Williams

Interview With
Dr. Takeshi Yoro

Narrated By
Haruku Shinozaki

Rin Katsuta
Rina Katsuta
Akito Kawahara
Naohiro Kazaoka
Kazuya Kumazaki
Tomone Kumazaki
Yu Miyasaka
Norikuni Nakamura
Takumi Nakamura
Gakuto Nakamura
Mitsuru Nozawa
Shigeru Okamura
Takeshi Sugimoto
Tetsuo Suwa
Joichiro Watanabe
Yoshi-to Yoshioka

Edited by
Theo Angell
Jessica Oreck

Additional Editing by
Steve Thornton

Translation by
Maiko Endo
Akito Kawahara
Sahe Kawahara
Naoto Yoshioka

Additional Sound by
Maiko Endo
Takashi Hattori

Additional Production Assistance
Anda Itoi
Yukari Iki

Music Composed and Arranged by
JC Morrison
with violin by
Maiko Endo
Korean Oboe by
Andy Haas
Bamboo Flute by
Masako Kawai

Sound Design, Mix and Additional Music by
Nate Shaw

Credits by
Michelle Enemark

Online Editor
Eugene Lehnert

Alex Berman

Post Production Services provided by
Post Logic

Filmed on location in Japan
Book First
Fabre Museum
Fukagawa Edo Museum
Jumbo Encho
Ohmuraski Center
Saitama Insect Fair
Science Museum
Shiga Konchu
Syunkaen Bonsai Gallery
Tokyo Hands
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Tama Zoo

Video Game Content
THE 昆虫採集 “Bug Collecting” Videogame
昆虫王者ムシキング “MushiKing” Videogame