Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo
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Audubon Insectarium
   Audubon Insectarium, located in the U.S. Custom House on Canal Street in New Orleans, LA, encourages you to use all five senses as you explore North Americaʼs largest museum devoted to insects and their relatives. Youʼll discover why insects are the building blocks of all life on our planet in our newest one-of-a-kind attraction. Thousands of live and preserved specimens illustrate the vast diversity of shape, size and color of Earthʼs largest group of animals.

National Museum of Ethnology (Osaka, Japan)
  The National Museum of Ethnology (founded in 1974 and opened to the public in 1977) is a comprehensive Research Museum with about 60 academic researchers specializing in Ethnology and related fields. It hosts an extensive collection of artifacts, some 255,000 in total, from all over the world. Of these, about 12,000 items are on display in the regular exhibition. In addition, the Museum has a wide range of electronic, audio-visual and printed materials as part of its library holdings. One of the main focuses of the Museum has been to provide the general public with accurate and updated information about various societies around the world, in order to facilitate understanding of peoples with different cultural backgrounds living together in the modern world. In Japanese, the National Museum of Ethnology is referred to as “Minpaku.”

National Museum of Nature and Science (Tokyo, Japan)
  As Japan's only national, comprehensive science museum, the mission of the National Museum of Nature and Science is to deepen peopleʼs understanding of the Earth, life, science and technology, and to provide people with lifelong opportunities to think deeply about how humankind, the natural world, and science and technology should best relate to each other.